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Homestead Exemption Information

Congratulations on buying a home in 2018!!  It’s time to file your Homestead Exemption for the New Year!  Please find your appropriate county for filing below and click the link for the correct form.  These are due by April 30, 2019.  Keep in mind there are additional exemptions available such as Disabled Veteran, Over 65, etc. so read the form carefully.  If by chance you bought a home BEFORE 2018 and have never filed for this exemption you can still do so.  Also, you may get an offer for this service in the mail asking for a payment – that is a scam.  You can do this for yourself for free by using the forms here.

Don’t forget you can also use some of the fees and interest you paid during the home buying and selling process as write-offs for your taxes so pull your Closing Disclosure from the documents from closing and be on the look out for any mail from your mortgage company.  Every dollar counts at tax time!

 Please feel free to call or email us with any questions!